Tool-assisted Vulnerability Assessment using beSECURE

Duration of courses

3 Days



About the Course

This three-day course is designed to provide participants the knowledge and skills to enable them utilize beSECURE Vulnerability Assessment & Management (VAM) solution to protect network assets across the organization agains cyber security risks.

Core to the solution is the automated vulnerability scanning tool which is able to identify potential security weaknesses at IP addresses and web pages (URLs) across the network.

Course objectives:

  • To understand the pertinent points of cyber security and the importance of Vulnerability Assessement and Management (VAM) to organizations
  • To understand and appreciate how security tools help protect organizations against potential cyber attacks
  • To gain working knowledge on tools and functions available in beSECURE VAM solution:
    • Configuring and performing vulnerability scans
    • Generating reports
    • Understand and utilizing information from beSECURE reports

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment & beSECURE
  • Accesing the beSECURE System
  • beSECURE Setup & Modes

Day 2

  • Hands-on Practical Session
    • beSECURE Administrative Functions

Day 3

  • beSECURE functions and features
    • Reports
    • Viewing Events
    • System Searches and Results
    • Assets
    • Alerts
    • Tests
    • Tickets
  • DeploymentOverall Question and Answers

*Note: This course content is designed based on beSECURE 2018 User Guide.