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Key Partners

Join Our Partner Program

Welcome to Custommedia Academy! We are excited to offer a Partner Program that allows companies to offer our world-class software engineering training programs to their customers while earning a sales commission and partner discount.

Our Partner Program is designed for businesses that want to grow while providing their customers with high-quality training and education in software engineering disciplines. As a partner, you will have access to our extensive library of training programs, as well as exclusive discounts and customized marketing materials.

Benefits of our Partner Program

Sales Commission

Earn a sales commission for every successful sale you make. Partners can earn more commissions, depending on the number of confirmed trainees. Our software engineering courses provide an excellent opportunity to earn additional income.

Exclusive Discounts

As a partner, you will receive exclusive discounts on all software engineering training programs. You can pass these discounts along to your customers or use them to increase your profits. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors and offer unique value to your customers.

Marketing Materials

We provide our partners with marketing materials, including banner designs, e-flyers, email templates, social media posts, and more. Our training materials can be used to promote training programs and assist partners with closing sales.

Partner Recognition

As a partner, your company name and logo will be featured on Custommedia Academy website and social media platform.

Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated support from our Account Manager as part of our Partner Program. You can expect us to assist you with understanding our training programs, answering your questions, and providing you with any support you may need. As a team, we committed to helping your business grow and serving your customers to the best of our ability.

Facility Rental Discount

We offer comprehensive training facilities, such as training rooms, meeting rooms, projectors, and whiteboards. Partners can enjoy special rates on these facilities.

Customized Programs

By collaborating with partners, we are able to develop tailored programs for specific groups such as B40, persons with disabilities, youth, and women. Additionally, we can offer joint programs at the degree, diploma, or TVET levels

Partner eligibility requirements:

You must be in a related industry, such as a training provider, an educational institution, or a professional development provider, to become a Custommedia Academy partner. You should also have a strong customer base and be committed to providing high-quality service to your customers. Also, large corporations such as MNCs and GLCs can be partners.

How do I register as a Partner?

To apply for our Partner Program, please fill out the inquiry form on our website. You will be contacted within 1 to 2 days by our team. You will be assisted and guided by our team in becoming our partner.

We believe that our Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow while providing high-quality training and education. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your business goals.