Certified Tester in DevOps Foundation Level (CTD-FL)

Duration of courses

3 Days



About the Course

Learn about the benefits of the DevOps methodology and the testing strategies within this collaborative approach!

Who should attend?
Anyone involved in SDLC or STLC and is interested in exploring testing opportunities in DevOps specific tests. Anyone who is willing to fully embrace the challenge of the unique software engineering culture and mentality of DevOps, and to learn about the implementation of continuous testing within it.

Entry Criteria:

Possesses basic knowledge of statistics, Conversant in at least one programming language (Java/Python/R) and some software development and/or testing experience.

Recommended Programming Language:
Basic knowledge of programming, scripting languages, HTTP protocol, system architecture, Web architectures based in layers (Client/Server), operating tools (such as Selenium, Java and Junit), and first exposure to DevOps tools. Basic knowledge of SOAP/REST and XML/JSON and/or Webservices or Microservices.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the business and technology drivers, as well as the methodologies and practices used by DevOps and Continuous Movement in order to create a test strategy.
  • Identify and understand the influence of testing on the DevOps movement, how testing is implemented in DevOps and how DevOps fits in various SDLCs.
  • Understand how to apply configuration management, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous delivery, and implement common DevOps tools such as Dockers, Jenkins, etc.
  • Understand cloud computing and the direction and trends related to the future of continuous testing.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Diving into the world of DevOps: reasoning, components, principles, and cultural aspects.
  • Experience CI/CD and understand how DevOps and Agile fit together.
  • Explore the world of continuous testing, including aspects of TDD, various types of analysis and different test types.

Day 2

  • Discover DevOps-specific tests as well as standard upgrades and the impact and risks associated with toggles.
  • Understand how to monitor a production system and the importance of alerts.
  • Explore cloud computing and understand its implications.

Day 3

  • Experience working with Docker and the concept of containerization.
  • Explore various tools and technologies, for example IaC tools orchestration.
  • Mock Exam & Certification Exam.

Upcoming Class

Face to face (F2F) or Remote online training (ROT)
13-15 Feb 2024
MS Teams
10 hours
Remote Online Training (ROT)
05-07 Aug 2024
MS Teams
10 hours
Remote Online Training (ROT)

Pricing & Payment Plans

Course Fee

RM 5,200

Plus RM 1,050 for exam fee.
*Price above before SST

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