Data Centre Certified Technician

TVET Upskilling Program

About the Program

The Data Centre Certified Technician TVET Upskilling Program is a collaborative effort aimed at developing a sustainable ecosystem for digital infrastructure knowledge and skills in Malaysia. It seeks to address the gap between the demand and supply of skilled labor in the data center industry, given the anticipated growth in data center capacity. The program will provide specialized education to create a qualified workforce capable of building, operating, and maintaining world-class data center infrastructure. It will cater to individuals at all stages of their careers, from entry-level staff to experienced professionals

Program Goals

Enhance the labour market in the data center and
related ICT sector to keep pace with new skills and
expertise needed to build, maintain and operate
world class digital infrastructure.

Build a local talent pool with national competencies
capable of supporting Malaysia digital
transformation agenda

Create digital job roles that can support the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Construct an integrated learning journey for
‘digital capabilities’ that can catalyse key sectors
of the future economy

Globally-recognized certification for Malaysians

  • Globally competitive, high in-demand
  • Employability in domestic and international markets with high income potentials

Establish and develop a pool of Data Centre resources

  • Critical support for the rapid-growing Data Centre industry
  • Quality, Quantity and Relevant recognized skillsets
  • Increased number of certified professionals

Program Overview

  • Aims to build and underpin a sustainable ecosystem
    for the development of digital infrastructure
    knowledge and skills.
  • To bridge the gap in the Malaysian labour market
    between demand and supply given expected data
    center capacity growth
  • Will deliver specific education to create qualified
    Malaysian nationals capable of meeting the
    requirements of building, operating and
    maintaining world class Data Center infrastructure.
  • Will support every point in the career pathway of a
    digital infrastructure professional. This includes entry
    level staff, adolescents in apprenticeships, and long
    serving professionals
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