Software Configuration Management - Foundation Level ( SCM-FL)

Duration of courses

2 Days



About the Course

The SCM Foundation Level is structured to progressively build knowledge and skills in SCM. With the knowledge from this course, participants will understand the single goal of SCM: To establish, define, and refine repeatable processes in order to achieve reliable, trustworthy software products. SCM when performed correctly and combined with SQA and Testing produces repeatable processes and products for any organization. The Course will mainly focus on the SCM seven (7) principles as defined in the SWEBOK. Other references and materials from various software and system development process standards are used to help clarify the SCM roles and responsibilities.

The SCM Foundation Level training focuses on configuration management (CM) and software configuration management (SCM); two intertwined disciplines which are critical to the success of any software project for any organization. The table below describes the topics covered in this training which are extracted from MSTB Program Syllabi v1.0.0.

Course Outline

Introduction to SCM

  • History of CM & SCM
  • Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK)
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • What is CM& SCM?

Principle 1: Management of SCM Process

  • Organizational Context for SCM throughout SDLCs
  • Constraints and Guidance for SCM Processes
  • Planning for SCM
  • SCM Organization & Responsibilities
  • SCM Resources & Schedule
  • Vendor Subcontractor Control
  • Interface Control
  • Surveillance of SCM
  • SCM Measures & Measurement
  • In-Process Audits of SCM

Principle 2: Software Configuration Identification

  • Identifying Items to be Controlled
  • Software Configuration
  • Software Configuration Item
  • Software Configuration Item Relationships
  • Software Version
  • Baseline
  • Acquiring Software Configuration Items
  • Software Library

Principle 3: Software Configuration Control

  • Requesting, Evaluating, Approving and Software Changes
  • Software Configuration Control Board
  • Software Change Request Process
  • Implementing Software Changes
  • Deviations and Waivers

Principle 4: Software Configuration Status Accounting

  • Software Configuration Status Information
  • Software Configuration Status Reporting Principle 5: Software Configuration Auditing
  • Software Functional Configuration Audits (FCA)
  • Software Physical Configuration Audits (PCA)
  • In-Process Audits of Software Baseline

Principle 5: Configuration Release Management and Delivery

  • Software Building
  • Software Release Management
  • Software Deliveries

Principle 6: Software Configuration Management Tools

  • Example of List of Project / SCM Tools
  • Individual Support Tools
  • Project-Related Support Tools

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