CUSTOMMEDIA Business Process Modelling & Notation v3

Duration of courses

3 Days (2 Course)



About the Course

C-BPMN is a comprehensive modeling language that is aligned to BPMN 2.0TM, and is used to document business processes and detailed descriptions of task associated with the business processes. It has been developed to help organizations create business processes that are:

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Easy to train and audit
  • Easy to maintain

The C-BPMN program is structured to progressively build knowledge and skills in business process modeling. With C-BPMN, participants will obtain a deeper understanding of how their business processes and functions work.

Course Outline

This one-day course provides an understanding of the key concepts of C-BPMN and is useful for those who will be involved in improving business processes in their organisations.

Duration: 1 Day
Mode: Online/Face to Face

Chapter 1: Getting to Know C-BPMN

  • History of Business Process Modeling
  • C-BPMN in Context

Chapter 2: Understanding C-BPMN

  • Conceptual Diagram (CD)
  • Business Process Model (BPM)
  • Task Details Map (TDM)

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the need to improve business processes
  • Explain the value of C-BPMN
  • Learn the syntax and semantics of C-BPMN
  • Adopt some of the best practices of C-BPMN
  • Explain Conceptual Diagram (CD), Business Process Model (BPM) and Task Details Map (TDM)
  • Read CD, BPM and TDM effectively

This two-day course presents the practical and beneficial aspects of C-BPMN including governing C-BPMN works as a project. It covers, among others, step-by-step in modeling business processes using C-BPMN.

Duration: 2 Days
Mode: Online/Face to Face

Chapter 1: Modeling Process Using C-BPMN
Explains about continual modeling and managing C-BPMN model.

Chapter 2: Verifying C-BPMN Model
Emphasises on the importance of producing a quality-assured C-BPMN model

Chapter 3: Projectizing C-BPMN Works
As C-BPMN works become sizable and subsequently to be institutionalised, the works can be managed and executed as a project. This section provides tips to help a project manager execute a C-BPMN project.

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • review or audit business processes
  • relate back to type of Change Requests that can be raised by user (e.g. roles change, etc), BPI/BPC to update or improve the business processes
  • develop process using the C-BPMN settings and attributes as a guideline
  • create and/or update Conceptual Diagram / Business Process Model (BPM) / Task Details Map (TDM)
  • manage C-BPMN model
  • projectize C-BPMN works

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