Software Testing Bootcamp for General Practitioner 1

Duration of courses

10 Days (2 Courses)



About the Course

Software Testing Boot Camp for General Practitioner 1 (STBC-GP1) course provides the platform for participants to apply their theoretical knowledge on software testing. This hands-on course covers Test Planning until Test Completion, including testing scenarios in real world and add-on topics. It also provides participants the ideas, processes, skills and tools they need in order to set themselves on a path for true testing professionalism. This course is developed by CMSB based on syllabus published by the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB).

Training Pre-requisite: ISTQB CTFL

Course Outline

The first part of STBC-GP1 course guides participants through ‘preparatory’ steps in Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) toderive a well-planned and well-designed test project.

Duration: 5 Days
Mode: Online/Face to Face

Chapter 1: Test Planning
This chapter covers areas of Test Plan interpretation, testing standards, configuration control and product risk register.

Chapter 2: Early Testing (Static Testing)
This chapter takes participants through review exercise using static test technique applications, review meeting and use of static analysis tools.

Chapter 3: Test Design
This chapter takes participants through preparation and development of Test Design Specifications and other related areas such as derivation of test conditions and test environment, and a tool-assisted profiling.

The second part of STBC-GP1 course takes participants through the subsequent phases in STLC which include Test Implemention, Test Execution and Test Reporting:

Duration: 5 Days
Mode: Online/Face to Face

Chapter 4: Test Implementation
This chapter covers areas of test data and test environment reports, test environment management, test cases and procedures, as well as test implementation optimization.

Chapter 5: Test Execution
This chapter takes participants through the excercise of identifying items needed to execute a test, describing how to execute the test and classify defects based on priority and severity. This chapter also include execution of non-functional test using VSTS.

Chapter 6: Test Reporting
This chapter covers areas of interpretation of a test completion report and identification of test assets that can be re-used. The chapter also touchers on the subjects on testing in embedded and mobile environments and sizing of software.

By the end of the boot camp session, participants will be able to:

  • understand software testing based on the Body of Knowledge (BOK) and International Standards
  • practice proper software testing (benchmark against BOK and International Standards)
  • analyze and implement test design effectively
  • report and conclude test effectively
  • relate and use various skills (e.g. Problem Solving) to complete given tasks
  • Synthesize towards continuous improvement of future tests
  • Identify skills and competency of a senior tester and able to evaluate one’s gap, both laterally and upward
  • identify and use suitable tools and technique to support the testing effort

Upcoming Class

Face to face (F2F) or Remote online training (ROT)
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15 hours
Face to Face (F2F)

Pricing & Payment Plans

Course Fee

RM 6,600

For STBC-GP 1 Vol 1.

RM 6,600

For STBC-GP 1 Vol 2.
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