Certified Data & Analytics Tester (CDAT)

Duration of courses

2 Days



About the Course

Certified Data & Analytics Tester is a 2-day interactive certification course that helps you develop the skills and knowledge to thrive in a data and analytics environment.

Who should attend?
This course has been designed for test consultants, business analysts, data leads, data warehouse developers and business intelligence consultants.

Business Outcomes

  • CDAT certified consultants can define a vision and test strategy and apply it to an efficient test approach in data-oriented environments and projects, using the essential test specification techniques necessary in DA projects.
  • They are aware of (and able to measure) the required specific data quality attributes and data profiling techniques.
  • Certified CDATs understand the specifics of the DTAP- environments for data-oriented environments, as well as the governance needed in DA testing, like privacy and information security.

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Discover what business intelligence is along with the Data & Analytics landscape components.
  • Understand the specifics of an analytics environment, including the 3 Vs for Big Data, OLTP and OLAP, BI and data warehousing, and insights into relevant data modeling techniques.
  • Explore the DA & BI software testing techniques and approaches.

Day 2:

  • Deep dive into DA testing (through hands-on exercises) to learn more about test techniques, queries, data modeling, data mining, completeness and transformation testing.
  • Explore the importance of data quality and the ins and outs of data profiling.
  • Discover the multiple dimensions of (DTAP) test environments and the implications of privacy and security standards.

Upcoming Class

Face to face (F2F) or Remote online training (ROT)
26-27 Mar 2024
MS Teams
12 hours
Remote Online Training (ROT)
17-18 Sept 2024
MS Teams
8 hours
Remote Online Training (ROT)

Pricing & Payment Plans

Course Fee

RM 5,200

Plus RM 1,050 for exam fee.
*Price above before SST

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