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We are proud to introduce one of our most esteemed trainers, Nusirwan Anwar Abdul Rahim, fondly known as Anwar. With a breadth of expertise spanning over 15 years in systems and software engineering, Anwar brings a wealth of knowledge to our Verification & Validation unit. His role encompasses a broad spectrum of testing activities from Test Plan Development to Test Analysis & Design, right through to Test Closure.

Expertise That Makes a Difference

Anwar’s specialization in Software Test Management and Test Analysis is not just about depth but also breadth. His experiences have sharpened his skills in understanding complex business requirements and formulating robust functional and non-functional test strategies. These skills are crucial in today’s fast-evolving tech landscape where the right testing strategies can determine the success of a software product.

A Certified Leader in Training

As a Certified Trainer accredited by HRD Corp, Anwar has an impressive track record of delivering multiple Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL), Certified Professional Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (CPRE-FL), and other relevant training courses. These courses cover essential aspects of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Software Testing practices including ISO Guide 65, Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi), and Custommedia’s Business Process Modeling and Notation (C-BPMN).

Upcoming Training Sessions

For those interested in leveraging Anwar’s expertise, here are a few upcoming courses he will be leading at Custommedia Academy:

Why Learn from Anwar?

Choosing to attend a session with Anwar means getting insights from someone who not only teaches but also practices what he preaches. His sessions are known for their interactive nature, packed with real-life scenarios that simplify complex concepts. For anyone looking to enhance their capabilities in software testing and quality assurance, training under Anwar’s guidance is an invaluable opportunity.

Whether you are looking to solidify your testing strategies or deepen your understanding of software quality, Nusirwan Anwar’s sessions offer a path to mastery. Join us at Custommedia Academy to experience a transformative learning journey under Anwar’s expert guidance.

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