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Malaysia’s digital landscape is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, driven by significant investments from tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Nvidia. These global leaders are injecting substantial resources into the country, establishing new cloud regions, data centres, and advanced AI capabilities. Google is enhancing cloud infrastructure, Microsoft is launching its first data centre region as part of the “Bersama Malaysia” initiative, AWS is expanding its data centre footprint, and Nvidia is bringing cutting-edge AI technology to local institutions. Read the first part about The Future of Malaysian Tech here.

These strategic investments are set to boost Malaysia’s economy, create high-value jobs, and accelerate digital transformation across various sectors. Enhanced cloud services and digital tools will empower local businesses, fostering innovation and technological advancement. With these monumental investments, the demand for a skilled workforce to support the burgeoning digital infrastructure is at an all-time high. However, Malaysia faces a significant talent gap in this sector, which threatens to slow down progress and undermine the benefits of these investments.

Addressing this challenge, the upcoming Data Centre Certified Technician program offers comprehensive training in data centre management, hardware maintenance, networking, and disaster recovery. This program is crucial in bridging the skills gap and preparing individuals for lucrative careers in the burgeoning data centre industry. In this article, we delve into the growing importance of data centre technicians in Malaysia’s tech-driven future and how the Data Centre Certified Technician program is poised to meet this demand.


The Rising Demand for Data Centre Professionals

Malaysia is poised to become a leading regional hub for data centres, driven by significant investments from global tech giants. For instance, AWS is investing $6 billion to establish a new cloud region, enhancing local infrastructure and digital capabilities​ (The Star)​. Microsoft has committed $2.2 billion to develop new data centres, underscoring the critical role of cloud and AI infrastructure in the nation’s digital economy​​. Additionally, the data centre market in Malaysia is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.92% from 2023 to 2029, reaching RM3.97 billion by 2029​​.

Increasing investments are in line with the growing number of data centres and service demands. Currently, there are more than 40 data centres operating in Malaysia, excluding private-operated centres such as those run by banks and government institutions. According to MDEC’s official directory, there are 18 major data centre operators listed​​.



Bridging The Skills Gap with the Data Centre Certified Technician Program

Aiming to build a sustainable ecosystem for digital infrastructure skill in Malaysia, Custommedia Academy’s Data Centre Certified Technician program focuses on bridging the gap between the increasing demand for data centre services and the availability of skilled professionals. The curriculum is structured to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of data centre operations, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to meet industry standards.


Key Components of the Curriculum


    1. Data Centre Management: Understanding the fundamental principles of data centre operations, including facility management, environmental controls, and security measures.
    2. Hardware Maintenance: Training on the maintenance and troubleshooting of data centre hardware components such as servers, storage devices, and networking equipment.
    3. Networking: Detailed instruction on network design, configuration, and management within a data centre environment.
    4. Cooling and Power Systems: Learning about the critical cooling and power infrastructure that supports data centre operations, including UPS systems and HVAC systems.
    5. Disaster Recovery: Strategies and best practices for ensuring data centre resilience and business continuity in the event of a disaster.




The program’s structure ensures that participants not only gain theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills through immersive learning experiences. This approach prepares them for the dynamic and demanding environment of data centre operations, making them valuable assets to any organization in the digital economy.



Program Advantages

Alignment with Industry Requirements: The Data Centre Certified Technician program program is tailored to meet the growing needs of tech companies and data centres. With the rapid digital transformation in Malaysia, the demand for skilled data centre technicians is escalating. This program provides comprehensive training in critical areas such as data centre management, hardware maintenance, networking, cooling, and power systems, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills required by the industry​.

Job Prospects for Certified DC Technicians: The job market for certified data centre technicians is robust and growing. According to industry reports, data centre operations are a critical area of digital infrastructure, requiring technicians with specialized skills. Certified professionals can expect to find opportunities in various roles, including data centre operations, maintenance, and support​ (Datamation)​. The increasing number of data centres in Malaysia, coupled with investments from global tech giants, has created a high demand for skilled technicians.

Potential Career Paths and Growth: Certified data centre technicians have numerous career paths available to them. They can advance to roles such as Data Centre Managers, Infrastructure Engineers, and Operations Directors. Certifications like the CDCTP® and further credentials such as the Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP®) and Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®) provide a pathway for career growth and specialization in areas such as design, management, and sustainability of data centre​.



Putting Malaysia Ahead

The Data Centre Certified Technician program is a vital component in Malaysia’s strategy to establish itself as a regional tech hub. Malaysia has been attracting significant investments in digital infrastructure, aiming to make digital technology a cornerstone of its economy. By providing specialized training in data centre operations, the program helps build a skilled workforce that can support the nation’s growing digital infrastructure needs.

The Malaysian government, through initiatives like the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL), aims to create 500,000 new jobs, attract two unicorns, and achieve RM70 billion in digital investments by 2025​ (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation)​. The program aligns with these goals by equipping professionals with the skills needed to operate and maintain data centres, which are critical to the country’s digital economy. With over 40 data centres already operating and more in development, the country is poised to become a leader in digital services.

By training professionals to manage and operate data centres, the program directly supports the nation’s digital ambition, fostering a robust digital ecosystem that drives innovation and efficiency across various sectors.



Asrul Han

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